Vodka Solutions distinguish themselves from others. Not only with our process of Excellency, but also with our Superior Design. Taste and experience a lavish, extravagant and extraordinary moment.

The True Story “N.1 AK-47”

The ‘AK-47 Premium Bottle Red*’ is our N.1 handcrafted creation. This extravagant, rare, and luxurious vodka bottle is designed for our next generation customers. A superior design, crafted with the finest resources. It consists of premium vodka and the bottle shall be available in the most luxurious nightclubs.

“Success is the only Solution”

Superior Design

This innovative masterpiece and extraordinary design is the only one of its kind. Based on the realistic “Kalashnikov” it is 75cm high and contains 3L of Vodka. This unique handcrafted product is made from only the finest materials by our exclusive team of special engineers.

“Dreams to Reality”

The Process of Excellency

Vodka Solutions is dedicated to serve only the most exclusive vodka made from the finest distillery using only natural ingredients in our “Process of Excellency”. Infusing the vodka up to five times offering such a unique taste. Produced in the Netherlands with a distinct aroma, yet exceptionally smooth super premium vodka. The distillation process crafts both an effortless and unforgettable experience made with pride and honour.

Recognition Around the Globe

This exclusive concept can only be offered by request and hand crafted by order, the sales for our Premium Bottles are only available in a number of limited luxurious nightclubs around the globe. The distinguished LED light beneath the “AK-47” allows the valued customer to recognise the quality of the creation.

Extravagant Experience

This one of a kind product provides the ultimate experience within a nightclub, the superior service and fine detail ensure you and your friends enjoy the entire night. Rule the VIP area with the “Premium AK-47 bottle”, we guarantee you will be the centre of the night.

Luxury Lifestyle

Our personalised design combines a luxurious lifestyle with combined comfort and serenity. The high end premium Vodka Bottle offers a choice outside the box, a way of standing out from the crowd and your own affluent reality.

 “It’s not just a bottle, it’s a lifestyle”

The Heritage of our Design

During the Soviet Union in 1945 Mikhail Kalashnikov designed the notorious Kalashnikov, also known as the semi automatic AK-47. Based on the early design Vodka Solutions has developed a replica and turned it into an innovative entertaining experience. Although the inspiration dates back to this era, we do not condone the use of weapons or violence.

Vodka Solutions

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